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palmestry II
liz_fitzgerald wrote in the_square_pegs

To the dedicated palm reader, its not just about lines and mounts. the colour texture, size and shape also contribute to the overall understanding of the essence of the sitter. the general proportions of the hand give indications on the personality of the owner and will give an overarching picture of their character - even a few little traits you would rather then not know about. except for injuries and diseases hat can later the shape of the fingers drastically, unnaturally bent fingers can indicated fibbers, gamblers or alcoholics for instance.

it must be remembered that as with tarot, the lines etc, should be read in relation to the other lines present, as a small mark on that line or elsewhere can strengthen or weaken the affect of that line being analysed.

first, look at the general shape and texture, for instance, its fairy easy to detect the outdoorsy labourer, agricultural worker or craftsman, as their hands tend to be rather firm, fairly rough and sometimes calloused to the touch, and practical, as opposed to the hands of a person who works in an office. the length of the fingers in comparison to the palm; the shape and dexterity of the thumb, the setting and spacing of the fingers and thumb with regard to the palm; the thickness of the palm (side on) and the length of the phalanges all have their special meanings.

with the use of a magnifying glass, the fingerprints, whorls and swirls, loops and arches, can be seen and each small pattern unlocks more facets in the sitters character.

it is well to remember that, as with the other areas of divination, it is necessary to be tactful, diplomatic, sensitive and kind. the hand only presents possibilities, some probabilities and character traits, not certainties so beware of 'self fulfilling prophecies'. yes, occasionally you will see some unsavoury thing; even serious illness and death, but it is only ONE possible future!! there are many ways to discuss the subject in a roundabout way - for instance, if they volunteer info such as a history of heart trouble suggest a healthier diet, if in doubt say nothing, seek advice from a professional reader/clairvoyant.

marks that can be found on the lines

BARS AND DOTS - hindrances - willpower will be requires to overcome and move forward during this period.

CROSSES - is an indication of more significant to somewhat longer lasting problems. accidents, job loss, divorce, (check other lines..not all info like this is bad. you might lose your job yes, because your going to get a better one, you might have an accident, and meet the man of your dreams in the hospital...everything happens for a reason) (also, one cross doesn't mean bad, all the other lines on your hand could change that one thing)
SQUARES - indicated protection and good health, a very good mark

CHAIN - confusion! trying to do too much and once, excessive majour multitasking

ISLAND(a loop within the lines) - energy temporarily diverges and is a sign that the person has taken on more than they can realistically handle, but are capable of pulling it off. if found on the lie line, this is an indication of a serious but treatable illness.

TASSEL - a scattering of the power of the line it terminates.

FORK - on a major line this indicated an increased possibility of success in love life or career

STAR - on the life line - a gain (birth) and a loss (death) of a relative - whichever, it will be balanced by the other

CIRCLE - on the life line this can indicate a problem with the eyes

other lines and their meanings are in the book in the link...from page 80 onward.
palm reading for beginners (google book)
(be aware there is a maximum amount of time the same IP address can go back to one book.)

the mounts on their meanings
to a greater degree the meanings of the mounts are links in to the astrology and the zodiac. the same qualities that were attributed to the planets are thus accredited to the mounts of the hand that the Greeks names them after:
VENUS - love sensuality and passion - thumb
MOON - imagination, romance and changeability - outside palm
MARS - vitality - in between thumb and finger and the opposite side in the same place (base of little finger)
MERCURY - mentality, commerce and science - little finger
SUN - brilliancy fruitfulness and success - ring finger

general shapes of hands
the hand is divided into four groups. however in real life a hand can be a mixture of any of the four.
POINTED - this is the hand of a psychic - a narrow hand with long fine fingers. it shows keen intuitive faculties, and a natural 6th sense.
CONICAL - this is the artistic hand, less pointed and a rather more practical shape. extremely visual, artistic and sensual by nature.
SPATULATE - the palm widens out from a narrow base. the owner of this hand gets things done and they will do whatever is necessary to success and are persistent. they hate time wasting.
SQUARE - the useful hand - they need to be needed, a good logical thinking pattern combines with a good mechanical sense. hey are often very busy physically.

finger shapes
POINTED - refined, highly developed aesthetic sense, good taste, evident in dress and homes - but finicky and precise.
CONICAL - wise souls with a gentle nature - they are willing to lend a hand and help out. they posses a great inner knowledge to other peoples problems.
SQUARE - these people would prefer a simple life and simple pleasures to be happy. they are excellent workers who would do well in any field of business. they scrupulously fair in their approach and their dealings with others.
SPATULATE - these belong to highly intelligent and witty folk with a dry sense of humour and are mentally versatile. they enjoy travel but tend to be workaholics. they are adaptable and are about to handle most situations and other people.
as with the shape of the hand, more than one finger shape can be found too. in these cases, any number of the above interpretations may need to be considered. clue can be found elsewhere on the palm to reinforce the detection of these characteristics.

the majour lines on the palm

generally speaking both palms should be read together. the dominant hand, being the one you write with, reveals what the person has done with their life and the possible future it has in store for them. the passive hand reveals history, family background and inborn talents and assets.
incidentally, lines change over time..NOTHING IS SET IN STONE.

LIFE LINE - this deals with the length and strength of life. family tires and the general path of the sitters life. for instance, it can indicate stresses and difficulties that may have to be faced, ambition, or whether a person will emigrate or not, this line circles the thumb and is read from the top of the thumb, arching to end somewhere near the wrist.

HEART LINE - deals with the matters of the heart, motion, relationships and romance and whether they are stormy or steady, long or short term. it lies across the palm from beneath the index finger toward the little finger.

HEAD LINE - deals with the mind, mental issues and strength of character - career directions, intuition and creative forces. thin and faint suggest someone who is highly strung, thick and deep, someone who is methodical. this line is situated below the heart line running generally parallel with it across the palm.

FATE LINE - deals with career, work ambition and the general direction of life from childhood onwards. if present (sometimes not) this line starts around the wrist and moves vertically up the palm toward the fingers.

SUN (Apollo) LINE - is linked with luck, success, talents and fortune. again if present, this line lies in the region of the ring finger, but seldom seen below the heart line.

MERCURY LINE - the health line deals with the health issues, including hereditary ones. absence suggests good health, however, some sources suggest that if one is present but does not reach the life line is means good health, longevity, success in business and good financial fortune. this line starts someway below the little finger and crosses the palm diagonally toward the base of the thumb and wrist.

SIMIAN LINE - appears like a slash across the middle of the palm replacing the head and heart lines. some books suggest that this line is more often found on some of the most unlikely candidates. on one hand those have line are earthy and physical and are dominated by the lower chakras - not tending to display great intellect or show an emotion subtlety. however, i would suggest that often people with this line are not fettered with the usual emotion constraints of us mere mortals and can therefore steam ahead with the single-mindedness and own a tenacity and dogged determination that enabled them to move mountains. having said all its, other lines present on the palm and mounts could have a major influence on the overall affect of this line, so it is not all cut and dried by any means.
caveat - ensure that when interpreting this line that is is a true simian line and you are not being confused by the absence of the head or heart line, this would be a very rare occurrence, but in the case of the latter - it is not a happy omen. get a professional opinion.

and that is that :)
Again, pleaaasssee don't take anything as gospel, if you do worry, go see a professional. what iv said are only theories and i haven't learned anything much yet. im just passing on what iv been given.
love and light x



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