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My Short Beginners Meditation Guide
astralcritter wrote in the_square_pegs
Meditation is the foundation to most of the metaphysics. You will need it to do a lot of things such as Astral Projection, most forms of energy working, healing, and basically everything. Its always great to get a basic meditation schedule started so you can build a foundation. Meditation is the first step on your journey to what ever it is your trying to learn. It also helps you look at situations calmly and think deeply on the subject. It helps remove stress (Which we all could use) and its the gateway into the Mind the Body and the Spirit.

What is meditation?

Meditation is simply ANY focused thought. When you wake up and think about your dream deeply you are meditating. When you are at work and focusing on your project that needs to be done in a few hours your meditating. A lot of people think meditation is something where your sitting in a special position for hours at a time and supposed to be experiencing something truly amazing. So when nothing happens they think they are doing it wrong or "can't meditate". Thats not true, in fact they are meditating fine but looking to far into it.

How is Meditation Benefitial to my metaphysical development?

Well 95% of the time when someone comes to me with a metaphysical issue, my normal answer is "meditation" or "meditate on it" because simply that will nearly always solve the problem or help the issue. Almost all metaphysical skills such as energy working, telepathy, empathy, Astral Projection, Remote Viewing, etc. Need basic meditation. At least in the beginning. For instance when your working on telepathy in the beginning your working very hard to clear your mind, and focus on the person your trying to either send or recieve messages. Your mind cant simply be wandering around and thinking about what ever during this period.

Now meditation can teach you all sorts of these things, the main skill is being able to step back, take a deep breath and relax. Quite your mind so you can actually think deeply on a subject and then come to a conclusion on the topic. I suggest everyone who is new to try to meditate 30 minutes a day if possible, but even as little as 10 minutes if thats all you can fit. Try every day for a year. It takes some effort but once you get on some form of a schedule its easy and well worth it.


As I've said above to meditate you simply are focusing on a topic and concentrating on it. You don't have to be in any weird positions or counting a few thousand breaths. What works for you is what you want to do. Try every technique you come across, this includes positions, calming exercises, hand signs, chants. What ever seems to work for you is what you should stick with.


You never want to begin meditation without a goal or a objective to start with when meditating. For instance you might want to find a answer to one of your real life problems. Your going to want to stick to just that, push all other thoughts off your mind. (technique for this later) When you begin to notice your mind wandering or you get off topic while meditating just quickly push those thoughts aside and get back on topic as soon as possible.


I suggest you find a position you like and meditate in it every time, For me it started as just in a laying down position on my back in my bed. Now I prefer the "Lotus" position. Important things to remember when choosing your position, you want your neck to be straight and your spine. These are very important for the energy body, as well as for the physical, as it improves blood flow to your entire body as well as your brain. Find a position you can stay in for extended periods without getting any cramps or aches. Now Usually you will get those no matter what but it shouldn't matter as long as they dont set in until several minutes go bye as ALL your focus should be off your physical body (unless your meditation is focused on your physical body) and onto your topic or some activity (such as Astral Projection).


Many people think you should count your breaths or do certain breathing exercises which are a TYPE of meditation and not something you need to do when you meditate. I prefer to get in a natural breathing cycle so that i easily forget it and dont focus on it.

Time of Day

You need to meditate based on your own Circadian Rhythm, basically you shouldn't meditate when your tired, as it will usually leave you asleep as the general practice of meditation is getting into a very relaxed state physically where your body is either at the border of the sleep state or has actually crossed it. You generally want to meditate when your awake and alert but not hyper or anything. I actually meditate before bed every night, usually because I am not tired as im a night person and the relaxation before sleep helps me fall asleep and stay asleep.

Meditation Music

Using music while meditating is done a lot but can hurt your development as well as help it. Simply put the music is there to drown out other more distracting sounds and therefore help you not lose focus and concentrate. Generally music without words is preferred as words you will tend to focus on, you also usually want it to be relaxing to yourself. When your meditating you shouldnt be focusing on the music at all, you shouldn't even hear the music. (you will understand this later)

I prefer Zen music (youtube zen meditation music) its relaxing and I dont focus on it, or I always like the nice sound of a thunderstorm. I use music a lot because I live in a rather loud area with no real silence. The music drowns out the other more distracting noises and keeps me in my own ittle world so to speak. I suggest a pair of comfortable ear buds of high quality that you can hardly notice in your ear. They not only block out most outside noise but you will hardly notice your wearing them and they make you seems like the music is actually there not coming from a stereo or something.

So how can music be bad? Simply put its a crutch... its keeping you from properly learning how to not focus on the small unexpected sounds and its quite easy especially for beginners to become dependent on the music. In the beginning I couldn't meditate without it so when I ran out of batteries for my MP3 player I simply couldn't meditate. See the problem? So what I did was force myself not to use music for awhile and got over it, so now I can use music when I like and still meditate without it.

Basic Method

This will be a basic meditation method you can use, and adapt as you actually want to do something while meditating. (their is endless possibilities ill post on that later) 

Step 1 - Find a comfortable, quiet place where you can be alone and not disturbed for at least a bit longer then you expect to meditate. This is because there is NOTHING more annoying as just getting to the point where you are about to experience something and you get disturbed.

Step 2 - Get in your basic position you plan to meditate in, I suggest beginners start with just laying on your back with a small pillow under your head (better if not but if you cant relax without a small pillow then you might as well use one)

Step 3 - Start relaxing your body in which ever way you choose (Technique listed below) Such as Breathing Exercise, counting, Self Hypnosis, etc. Once you reach a state where you cant feel your body easily then your ready to move on. You wont always have to achieve this state such as for shorter meditations but for long ones (30 minutes to a hour +) Its best you wait to get to this state.

Step 4 - Meditation! Meditate on your FOCUS, if thats communicating with spirit guides then you should stay focused on that and nothing else. If its contemplating a issue then you should only let your mind think about that subject and nothing else.

Step 5 - When you have finished your set goal slowly bring yourself back to the physical, slowly move your body or raise up how ever you choose, take a few seconds or minutes to think about the meditation and write down any experiences you had. (There is nothing more fun then looking back on your experiences you have had and wrote down.)


Self Hypnosis Relaxation Technique -
I use this technique usually every time I begin to meditate. You basically tell your body its relaxed, bit by bit and when your done you should notice a big change.

You basically start at either the top of your body (head) or the bottom (feet) I usually go as detailed as each tiny part, Toe, then foot, ankle, shen, lower leg, knee, thigh, hip, etc. As you get to each part, visualize it and say in your mind "my (body part) is relaxed" it also may help to clinch each part of your body as you move through it which will release any built up tension. I usually do this for my face, and hands as they always have tension. When you get to your chest area you may want to include something like "My breathing and heart rate are slow" which helps that as well. Goes to every part of your body and then you should be much more relaxed.

Mental Dumpster Technique - This is best used when ever needed, if your mind is wandering around a lot you may need to do this. If I notice my mind not focusing and wandering around I do it.

You start by visualizing a dumpster in your mind, always make it as detailed as you like, I visualize myself throwing in everything that is on my mind at the time. Every topic and subject until it is full. When you have put all your unwanted thoughts in the dumpster just push them off your mind, and remember that you can go back to them at another time.

Types of Meditation -

There are many types of meditation such as Void, Tummo, Breathing, Contemplation, etc. They each usually have there own general area and focus. Void mediation is a very good and wildly used form of meditation where you just basically just focus on absolutly nothing for as long as you can, try to keep EVERY single thought from popping up which is a very hard thing to do. The mind usually talks at 200 words per minute which considering thats about 3-4 times the average typing speed and thats 3.3 words per second.

Usually you can only do it  a few minutes in the beginning but after a while you will get to 1 hour long periods where your mind will be totally off. This comes in handy a lot of times when you need to quiet your mind.

Tummo Meditation is a tibetan meditation technique where you push your body heat outward to the outside of your body at least thats how it was explained to me. It is used to basically keep your body warm even in subzero temperatures as its been recorded monks sleeping outside in nothing more then light robes in the middle of the Himalayan (snow covered) mountains. You can see the potiential uses for this? correct.

I'm not sure how the Tibetans teach it but a technique thats worked for me is "blazing" your energy which is a energy working term but basically you visualize your energy in your solar plexus turning into a very hot fire as your stomach gets very warm you extend it to your entire spine and then fill the fire to fit your entire body. My first experience with this made my body VERY warm. Truly amazing thing.

Well I hope this guide helps someone, took over a hour to type up! Got a question? Write a comment and ill help any way I can.


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