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Beginners Advice
astralcritter wrote in the_square_pegs
So your just getting into the metaphysics? Well this will hopefully give you a good foundation to start off while your making your own journey trying to find out what is real and what is "fluff"

1. FLUFF - When I started out I had some wild "fluffy" ideas mainly because how was I supposed to truly tell in the beginning what was what? Couldn't really test it for myself and had to go on others words. I have since taken a very good outlook on everything simply I ONLY believe in what I experience first hand. Now I don't close off any thing i haven't experienced as I'm very open-minded but I take it for what its worth and what I feel I would like to investigate more I do.

So when someone comes to you saying they can create fire with there mind and all that don't ridicule them.. simply politely ask them to prove it (webcam?) or just ignore them. Never bash someone for what they believe they can do or what they say they have experienced. At that point are you any better then some of the skeptics who do the same to you? Everyone believes what they do for a reason, I believe in some things that others don't but I HAVE experienced it. I know it to be true and even though I have no evidence to show others I don't care because I know its true and that's all that matters.

There are plenty of studies that prove the basics such as telepathy, Out of Body experiences, energy work, even prayer. You don't need to prove what you believe to others but you also cant expect to make wild claims without backing it up with something. You defiantly don't have to prove yourself to someone that is very closed minded for the simple fact that it would be next to impossible to change there mind, they can also block you mentally from proving it to them (go into that another time).

one last note for all the skeptics that mind read this. With the whole "if any of this is true why hasn't anyone won that "1million dollar challenge" Yet?"

The fact is that guy is as big of fraud as some of the people out there claiming they can heal for a few hundred dollars. For 1 you have to be famous to even apply... he requires something like at least 2 instances where you were in the news or media. He also makes the contestants do impossible things to test there abilities, setting up crazy rules to make sure they fail. There is also the issue of is there even 1 million dollar prize? He claims its paid for in bonds but its impossible to tell if the bonds are even worth the 1 million, they could be worth nothing more then 1000 and no one would know. For more details on how its a scam just go search google... especially about the money being a scam..

Ive seen to many newcomers get hurt by being reckless.... Its normal when you first start to be a bit reckless but if you start messing around in places you shouldn't you CAN and WILL get hurt. I myself got very lucky a few times in the beginning when I would mess around with things that needed to be left alone.

"But I can handle what ever comes at me"

This maybe true but your forgetting one thing... your family and friends... whats to stop what ever you pissed off from attacking them if it cant hurt you? You cant protect them all.. all the time. Believe me.. Ive tried.

Now this isn't to scare any new comers as most people in the beginning wont even get into trouble unless they go lucking for it. In a Astral Projection for instance you can see what looks shady from a distance and avoid it usually so as long as you insert common sense your fine. Some people however will be reckless until something is pushing them to there breaking point. Then it clicks and for most they get a second chance and never act stupid again... or others get broken to the point they wont do anything non physical ever again in there life. Some have before and will again... die.

3. Practice - You want to be able to Astral Project? Do energy working? Well it takes practice... and lots of it. Astral projection can take years to learn for some and others a month. Energy Working is gradual and takes time just like learning a martial art. The fact is you cant expect to be able to do anything without practice and a good foundation.

Whats a good foundation?

The big M... Meditation.. Meditation is usually the answer to 80% of the questions people have asked me. Meditation is just simply focused thought.. Its the ability to take a step back and concentrate on something. There are MANY variations and types of meditation such as Void, Tummo, Fire, Breathing, Walking, etc. They all usually help something different but the principle is the same.

You don't have to meditate for hours, when I first started I did 30 minutes every night for a year and had some of my best experiences during those times, simply put it built my foundation of beliefs and it prepared me for things I do today. For instance I myself do a lot of energy working, when doing a lot of energy working I find it much easier to work with energy while in a very relaxed state (meditation)

So you hear about some ability and you want to try it.. you spend a week really trying hard with no results and give up. With that attitude you will never succeed in much metaphysics. Fact of the matter is it takes time and its hard to gauge if your doing it correct. Instead of trying very hard for 1 week then stopping, try it slowly over the course of a month, if you get frustrated stop and try again when you calm down with it. It took me a year to fully astral project, after many hours of attempts and getting frustrated it happened naturally. Sometimes the best thing you can do is stop for a couple months and come back to it afterward.

4. Belief - Very big thing for a beginner without many or any experiences is believing its real. You think Is this all in my head? am I being fullish for believing in any of this? It might be all in your head... but most likely you just haven't had the opportunity to experience it first hand. So my advice to you is to look to the millions of others who have had experiences, politely ask for people to show you there abilities, maybe a energy demo or other such things to help you get some experiences to start off as. Then practice and you will start to have experiences for yourself. Eventually you will have proof which may only be for yourself but it will be all you need.

Even after you have a lot of experiences its still easy to get your whole beliefs shaken, Ive been to the point where I was ready to quit at one point but I kept at it because I knew deep down there was much more to life then what modern society believes. Trust your gut.

5. Ask for Help - When you have a question ask it, when you get in to deep and you need help ASK for it. There will always be someone more experienced willing to help, if there isn't then your probably a member of the wrong community. There is no stupid question.. because not knowing can get you hurt. If you are being attacked by something you cant handle then ask for help. Its best to not be so public about your problems depending on what it is as they can come back to get you later on, I suggest finding a community or group of people that you completely trust and feel comfortable with. They should be the ones you turn to for guidance and help when you need it.

Don't just ask a question one place, i find it best to get answers from all over and hear all kinds of responses. Not just one side to it. You can also research yourself and see what you come up with. Most important thing to remember is that in your DARKEST hour there is always someone that can save you.

Sorry for taking so long to post this, been busy. I'm always open to help anyone with any situation so don't hesitate to ask. Ill post more later but for now I must sleep.

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I think you're right on the money with your advice. Thank you for taking the time to share it with us here.


Your welcome, (sorry didnt know I had to reply to unscreen it :P)

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