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meditation walkthrough
liz_fitzgerald wrote in the_square_pegs

NOTE: MAKE SURE YOU DO THIS MEDITATION AFTER YOU'VE GROUNDED YOURSELF. (grounding can be anything from holding a dark coloured crystal, to going for a walk, gardening or just eating/drinking..just remember..its ALL about the intention. if you intend to be grounded and believe will be :))

close your eyes, sitting or lying down and completely relax, be conscious of your body working from your toes, all the way upto your head, relaxing everything as you go. now imagine your self on a ledge, any kind of ledge (i had to go though quite a few before i found one that was comfy) and your looking down below and you can see the world, animals, people, plants, houses, cars, whatever you can see, theyre all ant-like. as you stand on the ledge, you look down at your feet, and your hands, notice what they look like, how they feel. look to around you, how do you feel? safe?

now imgaine to your right infront of you theres a spark of white light that slowly gets birghter and grows into a piller, then on your left theres a tiny spark that again grows ans grows, and gets brighter and then grows into a long pillar. then the same to your right and left behind you. now you have four protective white pillars. join them up with white strings, so theres a box above and below you. fill the box with white light, so that it glows. notice how you feel?

look down from the ledge again, what do you see? is it a happy place for you? if you feel safe, jump down off the ledge, you can fly, you can fall. where do you land? what do you see? can you interect? stay here as long as you like. when you are ready to come back out, just go back to the ledge. open your eyes and slowly come to.

and that was the meditation. in mine, my ledge was made of glass in the sky, and the scene below me was of a field, in which there was a horse and my puppy, molly. when i looked around the hill there was a village at the bottom.. i tried going there on the horse but as soon as i got to the bottom of the hill the visions in front of me disappeard, so i went back up to the hill and lay down and my dog lay on me. i think i was just comfortable and thats why molly was there. i didnt look like me though, i had strawberry blonde hair, which i guess is my natural colour, and i was much slimmer..more..athletic. anyway.

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I can really appreciate this blog! Thanks again!

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